Ugliest Racist Calls Mickey Guyton's 4-Month-Old Son 'the Ugliest Child'

'@crystal502021 came for my child. Shame on you,' Guyton wrote on Instagram, sharing a screenshot of the hateful message she received.

OUS CITIES - SEPTEMBER 10: In this screengrab, Mickey Guyton performs during the 45th Anniversary Gracie Awards on September 10, 2020.
OUS CITIES - SEPTEMBER 10: In this screengrab, Mickey Guyton performs during the 45th Anniversary Gracie Awards on September 10, 2020.
Photo: Getty Images for Women in Media Foundation (Getty Images)

Mickey Guyton, a Grammy and Academy of Country Music Award-nominated Black country singer, unfortunately has to bear the brunt of racist fans.


Guyton shared a screenshot from a cottage-cheesed country resident who decided to sink to the lowest of low, calling Guyton’s 4-month-old son Grayson “the ugliest child I’ve ever seen.” Apparently, the Kowardly Kountry Karen was offended that Guyton dared to limit comments on a recent photo of her child, clearly because she and her son are regularly the targets of this type of racism. The account began the direct message to Guyton with, “Haha you complained they called you a f-ing N,” referring to the N-word and also added more racist (and lazy) loaded language directed at Grayson such as “take it and go back to the projects.”

“This deserves front and center attention. @crystal502021 came for my child. Shame on you,” the 38-year-old country singer wrote in her caption.

To quote the title of one of Guyton’s own songs: “Why, Baby, Why” would you come after a damn baby? Oh, right—because you’re the putrid mold growing on the lowest-hanging fruit. Also, you’re a lying-ass liar—that baby is absolutely adorable.

The account, which goes by the name of Crystal Holland, is currently private. However, many of Guyton’s supporters are calling for everyone to report the account for what is obviously hate speech.

“I mean, I can’t with this kind of bs… who has the time for this!?” fellow country star LeAnn Rimes wrote in the comments to show support. “This is not a reflection of you. I know you know that, I’m just reiterating. I’m so sorry. Your little man is ADORABLE and you are welcome and wanted WHEREVER YOU DAMN WELL CHOOSE TO BE! I LovE you.”


Regardless of the Racist Rodeo, Guyton knows she has fans who love her fully.

“I’ve been pursuing music for a long time, and I was trying so hard just to be accepted in this genre versus accepting who I am and knowing that I will have a fanbase that finds me just being who I am,” Guyton told News Editor and Auntie Unfiltered host Monique Judge in an interview this spring, as she prepared to make history as the first Black woman to ever host the Academy of Country Music Awards.


We’re sending much love to Mickey and her son Grayson.



I love how Crystal Meth here complains that Mickey turns off her “notifications so ppl can’t tell you what they think of you” and then makes her whole account private. Crystal, there’s a whole line of ppl out here who want to tell you what they think of you, don’t be like this!