UConn Alumna Pushes to Get 13-Year-Old Reinstated

Autum Ashante

University of Connecticut alumna Josephine Minnow has upped the ante in the battle to reinstate Autum Ashante, a 13-year-old prodigy, at the school.

Minnow is floating an electronic petition to overturn the university's decision to rescind its acceptance of Ashante as a freshman this coming September. The university revoked its acceptance, saying the homeschooled student  — who has an IQ-test score of 149 — wasn't "academically ready," — according to Newsone.


Some theorize the offer may have been revoked after conservatives complained about her so-called black-nationalism poetry performances on YouTube, Tony Norman of the Pittburgh Post-Gazette wrote recently.

Minnow told Newsone that she hopes that any alumni who may have taken offense to the videos would not block her attendance at the school. Indeed, Ashante is a work in progress and deserves a chance. Life is nothing but a series of second chances. What better age to learn such an important lesson? What better place to offer such a lesson than an institution of higher learning?

Read more at Newsone.

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