Tyra Banks' "real hair" reveal on her talk show was much-anticipated and hardly worth the wait. The former supermodel and ANTM creator kicked off the first episode of her show's fifth season with an underwhelming display of wet tresses sans weave, wig or extensions. Big whoop! I do that everyday. But do I get an overjoyed audience cheering me on for it? Nope!

All the hoopla wasn't necessary at all. The Root is no stranger to The Great Hair Debate and neither is TEWW, for that matter. Good hair, bad hair. Relaxed, natural. We've covered the gamut, and there's still quite a bit to comb through — pun intended.

Tyra's usual high-drama treatment did a disservice to the dialogue around hair, mainly because there was none. She came out with a wet-dog look, let the audience run their fingers all up and through (a black hair-curious white person's DREAM!), then proceeded to blow out her hair and get it styled in curls. Me thinks Tyra even had her hair relaxed beforehand which begs the question, "What the hell is so natural about that?"

Watch the clip of Tyra's Season 5 debut and see her strands for yourself. The shock factor may be missing, but thankfully, so is her horrible lace-front Barbie wig. Don't even think about bring that one back, Tyra …


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