Joshua Sole reportedly barricaded himself inside an office at Tyler Perry’s Atlanta studios because he wanted to meet the filmmaker.
Police Handout

Tyler Perry took to Facebook Friday to describe a stalking-type incident involving a former employee at his studio in Atlanta, according to the New York Daily News. In the post, called “Scary Situation,” which has since been removed, Perry said a man barricaded himself in an office because he wanted to meet the filmmaker.  

The man, former studio employee Joshua Sole, 27, was arrested last week in an incident that prompted  Perry to seek a protective order against the man and sue him for $125,000, including attorney fees, the News writes.


“So, here's what happened,” the film director wrote in the post, the News writes. “This young man wasn't fired and didn't get into it with anyone at the studio. He just decided that he wanted to meet me.”

Perry said that Sole somehow bypassed restricted doors and gained access to the studio’s executive offices to seek out Perry, alarming the staff, the report says. Security was called, but “in the 15 seconds that it took for them to get upstairs to look for him, he seemed to have vanished,” Perry wrote, according to the News.

“After 45 minutes they heard him inside of the sheetrock walls,” Perry continued, the News writes. “He had somehow climbed into the drop ceiling and made his way into an empty office. He barricaded himself inside and refused to come out of the office until he met me.”

Perry added that the studio was evacuated and that police called to apprehend Sole. The “shutting down caused me quite a bit in damages and lost hours,” Perry wrote, according to the newspaper.


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