Two Massachusetts Women Allegedly Assaulted a Mother and Daughter for Speaking Spanish

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When it comes to racist, hateful behavior the assumption is that young, white men have the market cornered. Two white women in Massachusetts seem to have decided to prove that they can be just as trash as their male counterparts.


NBC News reports that 25-year-olds Jenny Ennamorati and Stephanie Armstrong allegedly assaulted a mother and daughter for speaking Spanish. They began to physically assault the two and yelled comments such as “This is America, speak English,” and “Go back to your fucking country,” according to prosecutors. The tried and true rallying call for those who are both white and awful. Ennamorati and Armstrong were charged with misdemeanor counts of assault and battery as well as felony counts of violating constitutional rights with bodily harm. Ennamorati faces an additional felony count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for kicking the victims with her shoed foot. The mother who identifies only as Ms. Vasquez wants the police to investigate this as a hate crime.

The assaulters claimed that they had been drinking prior to the assault. Ah yes, the old “I can’t be racist, I was drunk,” defense. It’s amazing that this is still an excuse folks use. I’ve been plenty drunk. At most I will belligerently explain to you why Gremlins 2: The New Batch is the superior Gremlins movie, actually. At no point has “Is this mother fucker speaking Spanish?” popped in my head as an acceptable thing to say. The reason why is because being drunk doesn’t make you racist. Being racist makes you racist, the alcohol only gives you the confidence to express it.

This a horrible thing for anyone to experience. Ms. Vasquez states that both she and her daughter are afraid to speak Spanish in public anymore. You shouldn’t have to be afraid to speak your native tongue. I truly hope that the family receives the justice they deserve.



My white sister up in Maine, who is generally left-leaning, young-ish, with a half white/black son who has very dark skin, will complain about how the police treat my nephew in one breath, and in the next breath will rail against immigrants/Mexicans and how they need to get out of the country, how evil they are, and how they’re stealing local jobs and taking advantage of the system, etc, etc...

If I even hint to her that she’s being racist or biased, I get an earful about A: how can she be racist if her son is black? and B: It’s all true and I don’t understand because I’m a middle-class elitist who can’t possibly understand the damage the immigrants are doing to our country.

So it doesn’t surprise me in the least that this happened up in New England.