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Twitter Wants Your Help to Report Voter Suppression and Andrew Gillum Knows the Perfect Place to Start

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For better or worse, social media has a tremendous influence on American politics—ask Mark Zuckerberg, who sold America’s soul for a measly $22 million.


And now, thanks to Twitter—the same platform whose CEO refused to do anything when President Punk Ass went on an Islamophobic crusade against Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar—users will now be able to report tweets designed to misinform or suppress voters.

From Engadget:

Twitter is rolling out another tool meant to protect the 2020 US election. Today, it announced that during “key moments” of the election users will be able to report misleading information about how to participate in an election or other civic event. Users will be able to specify whether the misinformation contains false info about how or where to vote or register, if it intends to suppress or intimidate people from voting or if someone is misrepresenting their affiliation with a candidate, party, etc.


Cool story, bro. And long overdue.

Remember that whole “vote by text” hoax during the 2016 election? Or the countless graphics and ads that popped up around that time attempting to manipulate voters? Hopefully, this time around we’re all a bit more informed and Twitter will enable us to put an end to the bullshit.

“As caucuses and primaries for the presidential election get underway, we’re building on our efforts to protect the public conversation,” Carlos Monje Jr., Twitter’s director of public policy and philanthropy, said in a statement.


And for those looking for a good place to start, should-be Florida governor Andrew Gillum has a pretty good suggestion:

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