Tweeters Mourn Lil' Kim in Mix-Up With Kim Jong II

Lil' Kim (Getty Images)
Lil' Kim (Getty Images)

Lil' Kim. Kim Jong II.

Well, the names sound alike, a little bit. OK, not really. But that did not stop Lil' Kim fans from taking to Twitter on Sunday when they mistakenly thought that the rapper, not the longtime dictator of North Korea, had died.

The confusion may have been fueled by television host Bill Maher's tweet: "First [Christopher] Hitchens, now L'il Kim — bad week for atheists?" But other users clarified that Maher used "L'il Kim" as a nickname for the Korean leader, according to MTV.

The following is a snippet of Twitter reactions to Lil' Kim's alleged death:

"Wait, did lil kim really die?! I NEED ANSWERS," @LeslieMorentz wrote.

One user @Briaaaaaa_ wrote, "Did Lil Kim die? I've seen it on my TL a couple times."


Another user, @WackoJacko6, joked about the possibility of Lil' Kim's passing. "Wait did lil kim really die? Woah rip she introducecd me to t—-y stickers and my life has been amazing since."

But @landismithers appeared to understand the mistake: "kim jong died. lil kim was slain by nicki minaj," he joked. "kim kardashian ends her marriage and is killed by the media. a dangerous year to be a kim."

Sounds like some of Lil' Kim's fans could benefit from adding a news source to their Twitter feeds. Just saying.

Read more at BuzzFeed and MTV.

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