Tupac Musical Coming Soon

Tupac Shakur

Fans who still love the late Tupac Shakur's music will soon get to hear it in a whole new and unconventional way: His work has inspired a Broadway production titled Holler If Ya Hear Me, with casting to begin March 10 in New York City.

Director Kenny Leon told the Huffington Post, "I always thought that Tupac was a prophet, and I thought if everybody could hear his words and hear his stories, they would see what I see. So we are going to probably do a big workshop in New York this summer, and I'm going to try to bring it to Broadway in the next Broadway season."


Playbill reports that the producers are looking for African-American male and female rappers between the ages of 18 and 35, in addition to one "Caucasian actor" between the ages of 20 and 25 with a "strong facility for rap and terrific guitar skills."

Leon predicts that the production will "change the face of musical theater as we know it on Broadway."

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