Tuesday's Headlines

Reuters: Obama To Troops: 'Yes We Can (Stay in Iraq Another 18 Months)!'

Reuters: '09 Hurricane Forecasts—If You're Black and/or Poor, Please Take Note

BJ: Lockheed Assesses Sec Def's Spending Plan, May Take Bombs and Go Home

AP: Vt. Cool with Adam and Steve, Legalizes Gay Marriage

CW: Recessions Hurt What Matters Most: Apple to Raise iTunes Prices

NYR: Obamaism: Like Socialism, but with a Black Dude from the Chi

Bossip: If Obama Legalizes Weed, This Song Might Be Good. Maybe.

AJE: Chucky, the Original Shoe Thrower, Has Sentence Reduced

BBC: Former Peruvian Prez Found Not Innocent on Murder Charges

FG: Mrs Obama's Back from Europe; T & L Dish on Trip Details*

* The Buzz's 'Ready to Blow' blog of the week

WSJ: Over 200 Dead, 15 Missing in Italian Quake

ABC: *Sigh* Missing 8-Year Old Girl Found Stuffed in Suitcase

WP: CIA Detainees Treated as 3/5ths of a Person

LAT: Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty, Claim: It Was the 'One-Armed Man'

BBC: GM and Segway Join to Create Vehicle (Don't Worry; It's Not a Car)

CNN: South African Leader Says He's Innocent After Courts Say Essentially the Same


UPI: Shoe-Tossing Journalist in India Gets Released; Other Tosser: "Oh Come On Now!"

Reuters: Poll: Optimism Up on US Economy; Buzz Guesses US Very Rich in Spirit

ESPN: Spartans Strategy of Committing Turnovers and Bombing Threes Doesn't Work Out Against UNC


BET: A Victim of the Cost-Cutting Recession, Plaxico Burress Cusses Out Police

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