During a drunken airport scuffle with security, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, star of 'Tudors', allegedly started throwing around the n-word

Earlier this month, after 'pounding drinks' in the first class lounge at JFK despite it being only 7am, a drunk Meyers was stopped from boarding his United Airlines flight to LA because he was 'belligerent' and 'disruptive'. It was reported at the time that he was subsequently banned from flying with UA for life.

Now however, further details have emerged about Meyers' JFK incident. RadarOnline report that the Irishman used the 'N' word during the scuffle. It's still unclear whether Meyers directed the comment at someone in particular or simply blurted it out with no specific target in mind.

In 2007, Meyers was arrested in his home country after verbally abusing a female worker at Dublin Airport in his home country. After being told he was 'unfit to travel' owing to his drunken demeanor, the actor flew into a rage.

Last year, Meyers was arrested at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris for apparently challenging police to a fight.

SOURCE: The Vancouver Sun