Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), participates in a Fox News Town Hall at SteelStacks on April 15, 2019 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Photo: Mark Makela (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump doesn’t like that his favorite news drama network, Fox News, decided to have Killer Mike’s best friend, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), on for a televised town hall that included Sanders’ supporters.


It was Trump’s second time tweeting angrily about Sanders’ Fox News town hall. Earlier he posted:



Trump speaks French now?

And there you have it. There’s the collusion the American people who don’t eat their steaks well done have been looking for, and we didn’t need two years and a 400-page report to learn that Trump considers his presidency and Fox News to be a “we.”


Jokes aside, a sitting president has openly shown affection for a news station that openly promotes hate while calling other news stations “the enemy of the people.”

Talking Points Memo wasn’t able to verify if the crowd was actually padded with Bernie Sanders supporters or not, but the news site did note that pro-Trump protesters were photographed outside of the event.


But it’s quite bizarre that a president would be upset that a news station had a Democratic presidential nominee on their station for a town hall. It’s almost as if the president believes that Fox News has an unspoken agreement only to promote the lies coming from his administration. It almost seems like Trump believes that Fox News works for him. It kind of appears that Trump believes Fox News’ job is to promote pro-Trump propaganda.

Wonder why Trump would think that?

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