Trump’s Latest Claim Shows Just How Crazy He Really Is

David Becker/Getty Images
David Becker/Getty Images

Steve “Big Poppa” Bannon needs to come and get his son President Donald Trump ’cause he’s out here making up stuff again. During a recent interview with The Economist published Thursday, Trump laid claim to a commonly used phrase in economics, proving that at this point, he may just be crazy.


Trump told editors at The Economist that he invented the phrase “priming the pump.”

“Have you heard that expression used before? Because I haven’t heard it. I mean, I just … I came up with it a couple of days ago and I thought it was good. It’s what you have to do,” Trump said then he took a live bat out of his pocket, bit the head off and walked out.


When Economist editors disagreed with Trump about his tax plan and noted that his proposal would actually increase the deficit, Trump cited the phrase again.

“But, but it’s called priming the pump. You know, if you don’t do that, you’re never going to bring your taxes down. Now, if we get the health care [bill through Congress], this is why, you know a lot of people said, ‘Why isn’t he going with taxes first, that’s his wheelhouse?’” Trump said.

“Well, hey, look, I convinced many people over the last two weeks, believe me, many congressmen, to go with it. And they’re great people, but one of the great things about getting health care is that we will be saving, I mean, anywhere from $400 [billion] to $900 [billion],” the president said.

Merriam-Webster even got in on the fun and tweeted:


And while I’m unsure if the tweet from Merriam-Webster had to do with the president’s gaffe, I’d like to think that this was still 45’s shade to catch:

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Read more at The Economist.

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Lukewarm Takes

It is unfortunate that his base doesn’t care about any of this. Every time he opens his mouth lies spill out at a rate that is almost unprecedented but every time he is fact checked it is almost too late. He has already moved on to the next outrageous thing. With most of his voters getting their information from Fox news they will always live in this insulated world where Democrats are out to get him and make him look bad. How can people be so blindly accepting of #45 and the lies he tells? Do they just see a big R on screen and since they align with that they do not care?

I am having a hard time collecting thoughts today because I made the mistake of watching the Roger Stone interview on the Today show and my head almost exploded.