Trump's Environmental Proposals Are So Bad His Own Science Board Is Against Them

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In news that is surprising to probably no one, a recent batch of environmental policies proposed by the Trump administration have been labeled trash.


CNN reports that members of the Environment Protection Agency’s very own Scientific Advisory Board have voiced concerns against numerous proposals released by the Trump administration. This is notable because in 2017 the administration overhauled the board, removing half of its key members. Straight up, the jury was rigged for them and they still caught an L.

The board issued draft responses to numerous EPA proposals that were posted online earlier this month. In these responses, the board outright rejects multiple conclusions the administration came to. Take, for example, the administration’s proposal to freeze vehicle emission standards. The board writes “there are significant weaknesses in the scientific analysis of the proposed rule.” When it comes to overhauling water regulations, the board states it “decreases protection for our Nation’s waters and does not support the objective of restoring and maintaining ‘the chemical, physical and biological integrity’ of these waters.”


How does this administration fail even in undermining institutions? You would think this would be an easy layup but apparently, nah. I’m glad to see that they are least getting some push back in their attempt to destroy the environment. It’s so weird that this dude’s whole policy on maintaining the things we need to, you know, survive is basically “kill it, kill it all.”

While it’s nice to see scientists on the board publicly say the Trump administration is in the wrong, let’s be real: They will probably use that as further proof that they are in the right and will pass all of these ineffective and harmful policies. Here’s to a new decade, y’all. Let’s see how long we’ll have a planet.

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I feel like when we’re dealing with this administration, it’s disingenuous to call this its “environmental policies.”  No, these are the Trump administration’s pollution policies.