James Edwards

Donald Trump, the presidential candidate who refuses to denounce the Ku Klux Klan, has reportedly allowed James Edwards, a white supremacist radio talk show host, VIP access at his rallies. The “pro-white” host even landed a recent interview with the Republican front-runner's son.

According to the Huffington Post, Edwards spoke with Donald Trump Jr. in an interview expected to air this Saturday for Edwards’ radio show, The Political Cesspool. 


Edwards bragged about his VIP access, which included press credentials and “VIP” parking, at a Trump rally in Memphis, Tenn.

“We’re watching history in the making,” Edwards said during his radio broadcast from the Memphis Trump rally, the Huffington Post reports. “Donald Trump will be the first Republican nominee that I have ever voted for.”

Edwards claims that his show is not racist but “promotes a proud, paleoconservative Christian worldview,” as he wrote in a statement sent to the Huffington Post. He added, “We reject media descriptions of our work as ‘white supremacistt,’ ‘pro-slavery’ and other such scare words.”


The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks these types of hatemongers, describes Edwards’ radio show as a “racist, anti-Semitic radio show” that features a “wide roster of white supremacists, anti-Semites and other extremists, such as the longtime Klan leader David Duke and Holocaust denier Willis Carto. Its mission statement says it ‘stands for the Dispossessed Majority’ and is ‘pro-white.’”

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