Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
Darren Hauck/Getty Images

Maybe Donald Trump should have stopped by a 7-Eleven to grab a cup of coffee before his Buffalo, N.Y., rally Monday. That way he would have been alert enough not to confuse the convenience store with 9/11.

CNN obtained video of the blunder in which the GOP front-runner accidentally refers to "9/11" as "7-Eleven" on the eve of New York's primary. 

"I wrote this out, and it's very close to my heart," Trump started. "Because I was down there and I watched our police and our firemen down at 7/11, down at the World Trade Center right after it came down. And I saw the greatest people I've ever seen in action."

As with most things Trump, the businessman didn't correct his mistake and instead just powered through his speech.

This isn't the first time Trump has made a big-time blunder during a speech. Just last week, Trump stunned crowds at Pittsburgh when he cried out, "How's Joe Paterno?" A quick Wikipedia check would have shown that the legendary Penn State coach died in 2012 after being fired amid sex-abuse scandal, the New York Daily News reports.

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