Trump Wants to End Birthright Citizenship. Here’s Why That’s Not Happening

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President Donald Trump believes, like most white nationalists, that America is his country. Not sure how this belief came to be, but it’s certainly at the core of white nationalist rhetoric.


By now everyone has seen footage of some exasperated racists shouting, “Get out of my country!” to some unsuspecting person who is trying to figure out how in the fuck this became their country when they don’t even own their pickup truck or double wide.

Nevertheless, in the dick-swinging contest that is the Trump presidency, and surely not a move to appease white fears of a brown takeover, and surely not with the midterm elections a week away, the president offered to completely end birthright citizenship.

The news came during an interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan, who is totally a bootlicker.

In the interview, Trump falsely claimed (read: lied), that America was the only country that offered “citizenship for the children of non-citizens and unauthorized immigrants born on U.S. soil,” and, after having painted America as pansies and pushovers to the big, bad children of immigrants, Trump vowed to sign an executive order to end it all, CNN reports.

“We’re the only country in the world where a person comes in, has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits,” Trump said in an interview. (At least 30 countries offer birthright citizenship, according to USA Today.)


“It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. And it has to end,” he continued.

But here’s the thing: Trump is a liar. I don’t mean just that he lies. I mean that he’s a liar from the bottom of his untanned feet to the top of white-man lacefront. Trump lies so much that even he can’t keep up with his lies. So the idea that Trump might actually sign such an order is most likely a lie. Trump has promised before to sign executive orders and didn’t do shit. It’s one of the hallmarks of his presidency.


Trump didn’t say when he planned to sign said executive order and all kinds of legal experts are rushing to make appearances on TV to argue whether or not the move is legal, or, more importantly, unconstitutional.

“Such a step would be regarded as an affront to the U.S. Constitution, which was amended 150 years ago to include the words: ‘All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States,’” CNN reports.


On Monday, Trump told his personal YouTube station, Fox News, that he planned to construct tent cities to house the migrant caravan that Trump has painted as zombie invasion towards the U.S. southern border. Oh, and he deployed 5,200 troops despite CNN reporting that the caravan isn’t even near the border. In fact, the dangerous caravan of people wanting a better life for themselves and their families are “still weeks, if not months, from reaching the U.S. border”! But that doesn’t help scare the shit out of white people who are worried about the crazy caravan invasion.

Besides being a liar and a hate monger, the president’s push to end birthright citizenship ain’t happening because the president just can’t erase the Constitution as he sees fit. As CNN notes:

The step would immediately be challenged in court. Some of Trump’s previous immigration executive orders, including an attempt to bar entry to citizens from some Muslim-majority countries, came under legal scrutiny after a chaotic drafting process. At the same time, the President has derided his predecessor Barack Obama for taking executive actions to block some young undocumented immigrants from deportation, a step Trump said was a presidential overstep.

The American Civil Liberties Union slammed Trump’s proposal Tuesday morning.

“The president cannot erase the Constitution with an executive order, and the 14th Amendment’s citizenship guarantee is clear,” said Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project. “This is a transparent and blatantly unconstitutional attempt to sow division and fan the flames of anti-immigrant hatred in the days ahead of the midterms.”

The White House did not provide additional details of the planned executive order on Tuesday morning.

“It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment. Guess what? You don’t,” he said, adding that he has run it by his counsel. “You can definitely do it with an act of Congress. But now they’re saying I can do it just with an executive order,” Trump said.


The president didn’t provide any details of his plan but said that “it’s in the process. It’ll happen.”

It’s totally not going to happen because the president is full of shit, but he’s totally winning at becoming the worst person in America’s history.

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"Not a real" DrDonna

I’m astonished, astonished, I tell you, that all that GOP circle-jerking with the idea of the Constitution being sacrosanct might be less than genuine!