Trump Trying to Explain Why His Job Numbers Aren't Better Than Obama's: A Story Told in Gifs

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Donald Trump is a liar.

He’s not even a skilled liar. He’s just a regular old run-of-the-mill liar you could find in any mall in America. He’s the Marshalls of liars. He’s the intramural, coed, every person has to play five minutes basketball league of liars.


So when Trump claims he’s got the best job numbers the world has ever seen, he’s lying.

The good thing about this is that every now and then, Trump gives an interview to someone not willing to Fox News his untanned buttocks and he gets called on his four-nuggets-from-Wendy’s lies.

On Sunday, during his interview with NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, the president struggled to explain why, under his presidency, his job numbers paled in comparison to forever president Barack Obama.

Chuck Todd said: “Your economy is great. I’m not saying it’s not great,” Yahoo reports. “But this recovery started and in the 28 months that you’ve been president and the last 28 months of Obama’s presidency, he averaged more new jobs than your first 28.”

Trump’s response:


Trump was asked if his job numbers were inherited from the past president. Trump jumped from his seat and opened his shirt...


Trump replied: “Yeah, but Chuck, you have to understand, nobody was working. The whole place was a disaster. And I don’t—I’d never take that away.”

Todd responded:


To which Trump replied:


Trump explained: “But it’s very easy—because when that turned around they pumped a tremendous amount of money into the economy. He also had a Federal Reserve person who kept the interest rates low. I don’t. I don’t have that privilege.”

Todd grabbed a red cup from his jacket pocket and turned toward the camera.


Todd then noted: “Sounds like you do now. Do you feel like you have sent the threat, your threat to demote him, do you think that’s had an impact?” Yahoo reports.

The president mumbled something that sounded like “Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit” while making this gesture:


Then Trump noted that he never threatened to demote Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, which Todd questioned, saying: “There’s been some talk that you might demote him to the No. 2 slot.”

Mr. Trump responded: “Well, I’d be able to do that if I wanted, but I haven’t suggested that.


“No, no, I have the right to do that. But I haven’t said that. What he’s done is $50 billion a month in quantitative tightening. That’s ridiculous. What he’s done is he raised interest rates too fast.”

Todd asked if he was concerned that the rates were raised too fast and if that might hurt his chances at reelection.


“I think the economy’s so strong, we’re going to pull through it,” Trump said.

“But I’m not happy with his actions. No, I don’t think he’s done a good job. I think this: if he didn’t raise rates...Obama had very low rates. So Obama was playing with funny money. I wasn’t. I’m playing with the real stuff.


“Obama had somebody that kept the rates very low. I had somebody that raised the rates very rapidly. Too much. He made a mistake.

“That’s been proven. And yet my economy is phenomenal. We have now the best economy, maybe in the history of our country. One—just to finish off, when I took over, this country, the economy was ready to collapse. You take a look at the numbers. It was ready to collapse.”


Trump then stood stone-faced as his cabinet went ape shit.


“Bitch, are you listening?” Todd asked the president.


“I just showed you the numbers,” Todd said. “It was not ready to collapse.”

Trump disagreed: “You showed me unemployment numbers. Excuse me. Take a look at your GDP, take a look at your jobs, take a look at your optimism.


“Take a look at all of the charts. When I took over from election day on, I mean, you show me one chart which, where I did. Take a look at some of the optimism charts and everything else. It went from 57 to 92. Nobody’s ever seen anything that right after I won.”

Todd tried desperately to explain again to Trump that “job optimism was at a higher rate after Mr. Trump was elected, but still maintained that his jobs numbers were lower than those of his predecessors,” Yahoo reports.


Trump replied: “Well, optimism is a big part of success in business” and then began molesting an American flag without the flag’s consent.

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Brown Rose

Chuck Todd is the epitome of the milquetoast, mediocre white men fawning over a bully, racist, and congenital liar.

Oh and Trump is also a disgusting, filthy rapist. He’s up to 22 now. He hasn’t outstripped Weinstein at 87 but he’s getting close to Cosby’s number of 35. And all those disgusting people that know about this despite what the economy weather will look like are still going to vote for this cretinous troll again.