Trump Tells Fox News That Homelessness Started ‘Two Years Ago’ and He’s Right

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When you inherit millions in property and money from your father and spend your entire life sheltered from the realities of the real world, you are bound to say stupid shit.


If you’re President Trump, the only Boy Scout not to get a badge because he claimed his bone spurs left him unable to tie a clove-hitch knot, you are expected to say stupid shit.

On Monday, during an interview with Fox News’ mayo-slathered boat shoe, Tucker Carlson, the president of people who have sex with the American flag noted that homelessness in largely Democratic-run cities and states is a recent phenomenon.

According to the Daily Beast, Donald Trump and the nut barnacle Carlson were waxing nostalgic about the cleanliness of Japan, noting how “there is no graffiti” or people “going to the bathroom on the streets” in Japan.

The president corrected his puppy, telling Carlson that only “some of our cities” are like that, and the Daily Beast reports “the Fox News star said that New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles all ‘have a major problem with filth.’”

“Why is that?” Carlson pondered like a child who’d just asked his father about the galaxy.

“It’s a phenomenon that started two years ago,” Trump declared. “It’s disgraceful. I’m going to maybe—I am looking at it very seriously.”


From the Daily Beast:

After seemingly claiming homelessness in America only arose over the past 24 months, the president went on to suggest that police officers are getting sick simply by walking near homeless people—likely referencing reports that some Los Angeles police officers have shown signs of typhoid fever. The officers all work in a precinct that was recently fined for unsanitary working conditions.

“You can’t have what’s happening—where police officers are getting sick just by walking the beat,” he exclaimed. “I mean, they’re getting actually very sick, where people are getting sick, where the people living there are living in hell, too.”


Trump told the human fire hydrant, Carlson, that this “phenomenon” was a result of mental illness and the “liberal establishment,” which he claimed exacerbates the problem. He then noted that when he became president he realized that certain areas of Washington, D.C., weren’t baller so he “ended it very quickly.” The Daily Beast notes that “homelessness has been falling in D.C. steadily for the past three years.”

Of course, homelessness didn’t start two years ago but for Trump, nothing exists in Trump world until he encounters it. So for Trump, homelessness didn’t begin until 2017 because that’s when he saw it or at least had to live near it. And don’t give me that “Trump lived in New York City” crap as Trump lived in New York City with blinders and a driver and Russian prostitutes to urinate on him whenever he wanted!


Being rich means you can have all the urine you want. It also means that homelessness doesn’t exist until you encounter it. The Kardashians had a whole episode about Khloe discovering a homeless man named “Shorty.” Basically, discovering homeless people is the new dog in the purse for rich folks.

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Murry Chang

Wait homelessness started 2 years ago and Trump became President two years ago so...

Correlation IS causation in this case, right?