Trump-Supporting No-Tep Karen Duo Thinks Their ‘Vibrational Frequency’ Will Shield Them From COVID

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I’ve been saying for some time now that Trump supporters are the white equivalents of hoteps. If the wealth of idiotic, pseudo-intellectual conspiracies alleging widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential race wasn’t enough, I’ve recently come across a video that shows two Trump-supporting white women being the Umar Johnsons of delusional Karens. In the video, the hotep Karen duo (I know, I never thought I’d be putting those terms together either) can be heard boasting about how their “vibrational frequency” shields them from COVID-19 infection and makes face masks obsolete.


Let me back up a bit.

Since the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve been involved in an ongoing effort to get to the bottom of why conservative white people are so vehemently opposed to wearing face masks, and why said opposition has them doing so much dumb shit.

During my continuous quest to figure out why white people are so determined to keep their non-existent lips uncovered, I’ve come up with a few theories: White people know their breath stinks, and going maskless is their only escape; white people are tired of never being oppressed, and the maskless revolution is the closest they’ll ever get to Nat Turner energy; if white people can’t wear their KKK hoods proudly, they’ll wear no face covering at all.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that in all my research on the subject, I never considered “vibrational frequency” as a determining factor in why melanin-forgo-teps reject the mask.


According to the Daily Dot, caucasian Diamond and Silk were filmed during a Trump rally in Georgia.

The video—which received around 9.4 million views after it was originally posted on TikTok—opens with the Tariq Nasheed of Roseanne Barrs claiming that she and her partner in white nonsense “don’t have the vibrational frequency to host that virus.”


The other Karen of the vibration-nation chimed in saying—with all of the unearned smugness that white mediocrity allows— “And I taught her that.” I mean, she said it with her chest, second chin and bloated jaw flaps like she was waiting for some kind of “teacher of the year” award.

“Do you know that everything in this universe vibrates and as is alive?” the first woman continued. “There is life with that. That’s what I’m talking about.”


That’s when the anti-face mask rhetoric made its way into the chat.

“I don’t put life into COVID. I’m not going to wear a mask,” wypipo-tep number two said. “I never wear a mask. Ever.”


*Deep sigh*

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the “vibrational frequency” angle is another dead end for my ongoing research. I’m not even sure what exactly is vibrating other than tiny brains inside the thick skulls of anti-maskers.


For the record: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the state of Georgia “reported the highest weekly total of confirmed and probable coronavirus cases last week than at any point in the pandemic.”

Much like this damn pandemic, I fear my work in getting to the bottom of this shit will never be done.

Zack Linly is a poet, performer, freelance writer, blogger and grown man lover of cartoons



Sigh.... fuck these idiots. Going to take this as an opportunity to drop a link to a wikipedia article about molecular vibration, because SCIENCE!

Has some neat graphics to illustrate the point, but basically molecules are way more lively then the static line diagrams you see in a text book. You try and box them in, but they just want to dance!

Gets even crazier when you go down below the molecular level; electrons are sketchy bitches that are more like a ‘known associate’ of atoms that move around their probability density clouds, but could really be anywhere at any point in time. Chemical bond formations and breakups have more drama then couples in an episode of ‘Big Brother UK’.

This antidote to daily MAGA ignorance brought to you by demonstrable facts and information which can be verified independently of the author.