Trump Sues 2 Banks to Keep Democrats Out of His Finances

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How do we know with certainty that the president of the United States is not a high paid sex worker who exclusively caters to Russian President Vladimir Putin?


We don’t, and that’s why House Intelligence and Financial Services committees have sought to get their hands on the president’s finances by issuing subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Capital One in order to get a closer look at his personal and business ties.

Trump is fighting back. On Monday, the president who’s claimed he’s the most transparent president in the history of the world, filed a lawsuit in federal court attempting to block both banks from showing his ass(ets).

According to NPR, “The president, his three oldest children and his business, the Trump organization, say the investigation by the House Intelligence and Financial Services committees are overbroad and serve no purpose beyond harassment.”

The suit claims that the purpose of the banks subpoenas is “to rummage through every aspect of [President Trump’s] personal finances, his businesses, and the private information of the President and his family, and to ferret about for any material that might be used to cause him political damage. No grounds exist to establish any purpose other than a political one.”

The president’s lawsuit is absolutely correct, and also fuck him. This is politics played at the highest level, and the Democrats not only hate this president, but they know that history will remember them for what they didn’t do. They have to go after every aspect of the president’s life to tear him down because he’s a goddamn madman, and we can’t have a madman running the country.

Also, Democrats ran on this platform. They promised their constituents that if given the chance, they’d go after Trump with everything they have, and his financial records would prove how deep the president is in Putin’s pocket.


Never forget this: Trump was toxic after his casino went bankrupt in the early 1990s, and he couldn’t get money from a loan shark. All of sudden, Deutsche Bank, the global bank of oligarchs, swooped in to save Trump.

Trump’s lawsuit is hinged on one major point that, if defeated, could have his records out here butt-naked in the winter without a coat. Trump claims the “subpoenas amount to overreach because much of the information sought predates his election ‘and encompasses reams of account records for entities, individuals, children, and spouses who have never even been implicated in any probe,’” NPR reports.


Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chairman of the Intelligence committee, are calling Trump’s bullshit. In a joint statement, they claimed that Trump’s lawsuit was “only designed to put off meaningful accountability as long as possible,” NPR states.

“As a private businessman, Trump routinely used his well-known litigiousness and the threat of lawsuits to intimidate others, but he will find that Congress will not be deterred from carrying out its constitutional responsibilities,” the statement said.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.



I worked at Deutsche Bank from 2005-2009. In 2006 they approved a loan to him in the amount $13.5 Million Dollars on Monday, on Thursday of that week the bankers, compliance officers and anyone with a signature approving that loan were fired. Trump had been unable to get a loan from ANY US Bank as far back as 1997. He is a fucking crook and his fat ass belongs under the jail. Fuck him and his crime family