Trump Spends Morning Rage-Tweeting About Impeachment; Still Not Worried Though

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The morning after Christmas is typically a nice one for me. I spent mine playing some of the games I copped on Xbox over Christmas, eating leftovers and chilling with my dog. It was a pleasant morning, all things considered. Apparently, the same cannot be said for the President who spent his morning being pissed the hell off on the internet.


NBC News details how Trump spent Christmas evening and the morning after tweet-yelling at Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. He also found time to call out Canadian broadcasters for removing his scene from reruns of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. You may have thought that last part was a joke.

It wasn’t.

It’s an interesting development as last week Trump was at a rally talking about how he wasn’t worried about impeachment, how the house ain’t got shit on him and how America is going to be playing basketball in Pelican Bay when he’s done with us. I mean not exactly but that was the sentiment. The President’s temper tantrum started at 8:12 pm on Christmas evening when he dropped these jewels upon the masses.

He must have fell asleep listening to his adopted son’s records because the first question he asked himself this morning was “Can I talk my shit again?” Apparently he could. From 4am-7am the President went on another one of his rote Twitter tirades. Dropping such classic hits as Nancy Pelosi’s district has become filthy and crime ridden even though I have no empirical evidence to back this up and The Radical Left a.k.a the Do Nothing Democrats wanted to rush impeachment through the Senate now they want to take it slow. (Liars!)


He ain’t worried, y’all. This is perfectly normal behavior from a man not at all concerned about losing his job. Thursday evening he began running it back and tweeted the same attacks he launched in the morning, doubling down on just how not pressed he was. Given that a poll released Thursday by MSN showed that only 55% of the country supports removing him from office, why should he be worried?

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I don’t even believe the number of 55%. Most people are sick of this fat bag of phlegm and want this shit over. I am not worried about his base of fucking clueless rubes and mouth breathing morons who just want him in office to “own the libs.” When this shit ends white people should be reminded constantly that you voted for this piece of garbage. Remember when women were too emotional to lead? Ugh.