Trump Shares Fake Video of Joe Biden Playing NWA’s Song About the Police. Yep, That Song

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President Trump is a fake president, so it’s not shocking that the president of people who listen to white people’s acoustic versions of NWA songs shared a fake video of Democratic presidential nominee and Kamala Harris’ running mate Joe Biden playing NWA’s “Fuck tha Police.”

It’s just another example in a series of attempts by the president to try and paint Biden as being not only against the police but a police hater. It also isn’t the first time that the president has shared doctored or altered footage to try and drive home some bullshit.

According to the Hill, the pro-Trump parody account “The United Spot” tweeted the doctored footage with the heading, “What is this all about?” as if they didn’t know, what in fact, this was about.


The footage was taken from a Hispanic Heritage event in which Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsi introduced Biden, who then played Fonsi’s hit “Despacito” from his phone. The footage was altered so it appeared that Biden was playing NWA’s 1988 hit, which is actually fitting for today’s times, “Fuck tha Police.”

Twitter flagged the video as “manipulated media” and flagged the president as a “Russian whore.”

Ok, fine. I added the last part.

Watch the fake video below as it’s actually funny AF:

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TFW you’ve painted yourself into a narrative corner and have to make the case that Joe fucking Biden is a “radical leftist.”