Trump Sat Down With Time Magazine and Then Threatened a Reporter With Prison

A member of the crowd holds a copy of Time magazine as President-elect Donald Trump speaks at the DeltaPlex Arena, December 9, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
A member of the crowd holds a copy of Time magazine as President-elect Donald Trump speaks at the DeltaPlex Arena, December 9, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

Time magazine was supposed to have an innocent little sit down with President Trump, but of course nothing involving the overlord of the White House can be innocent or easy or not involve the president threatening a Time reporter with prison.


According to CNN, during the interview with a team of reporters from Time magazine inside the Oval Office on Monday, Trump reportedly showed reporters a letter that he claimed was written by his new BFF and possible 2020 running mate Kim Jong Un.

The news only got to the masses on Thursday after Time published the interview transcription.

According to the transcript, in typical Trump fashion, the president was reportedly boasting about how the letter was written by the North Korean leader. “It was delivered to me yesterday. By hand,” he said and then asked to go off the record probably so he could praise their relationship and talk about what he planned on getting him in return. Hint: It’s a Fabergé egg made in the shape of Trump’s testicle.

A Time journalist, who I’m sure was all “I’m about to expose all this cuddling bullshit between these two dick-tators,” attempted to take a photo of the letter and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders, who has reportedly started wearing sweatpants and a half shirt to work because she really doesn’t give a shit anymore now that she’s announced she’s quitting, told the reporter, “You can’t take a picture of that, sorry.”

From CNN:

Later in the interview, the Time team brought up the fact that Trump tried to “limit Mueller’s Russia probe to only future election meddling.” One of the reporters (the transcript doesn’t say who) noted that Trump dictated a letter to a former aide, Corey Lewandowski, “telling him to tell” former attorney general Jeff Sessions “to limit the investigation.” The details were included in former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

The Time reporter said “he testified under oath under threat of prison time, that that was the case Mr. President.” Trump, cornered, did what he usually does: He lashed out and brought up the other letter, the one he had shown off earlier, from North Korea’s dictator.


Quoting from the transcript:

TRUMP: “Excuse me — Under Section II — Well, you can go to prison instead, because, if you use, if you use the photograph you took of the letter that I gave you —”

TIME: “Do you believe that people should be —”

TRUMP: “confidentially, I didn’t give it to you to take photographs of it — So don’t play that game with me. Let me just tell you something. You take a look —”

TIME: “I’m sorry, Mr. President. Were you threatening me with prison time?”

Trump then did the thing he does best where he’s simultaneously self-aggrandizing while being self-deprecating and hurt that he wasn’t the person of the year.


“Well,” he said, “I told you the following. I told you, you can look at this off-the-record. That doesn’t mean you take out your camera and start taking pictures of it. O.K.? So I hope you don’t have a picture of it. I know you were very quick to pull it out—even you were surprised to see that. You can’t do that stuff. So go have fun with your story. Because I’m sure it will be the 28th horrible story I have in TIME Magazine because I never—I mean—ha. It’s incredible. With all I’ve done and the success I’ve had, the way that TIME Magazine writes is absolutely incredible,” CNN reports.

Then the president continued his tangent about not being special. “Some day within the next 20 years,” he said, “maybe you’ll pick me as Man of the Year. O.K., big deal.” CNN notes that Trump was The “Person of the Year” in 2016 and he still ain’t happy.


Don’t worry, America, the inappropriate selfies of Kim Jong Un in states of undress included with the letter won’t ever see the light of day as Time won’t be publishing them since they were apart of the off-the-record conversation.

“At various points during the interview, the President asked to go off-the-record, and TIME is honoring those requests,” a spokeswoman told CNN.

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Nunna Yorz - American Justice Is A Joke

On one hand I feel like the media really needs to stop taking this fool seriously. On the other hand its kind of good to have a record of just how mentally impaired he is.

On the third hand, he already showed the country exactly who he was before he ever ran for president. He showed us with the birther movement and much more if you want to go back through his history over the years. Then when he ran he showed us who he was when he told Russia they would be rewarded for digging up Hillary’s emails on live TV during a debate. He showed us who he was when he said he could shoot someone and get away with it. He showed us when he said he he was smart for getting away with cheating on his taxes. He’s been true to himself this whole time.

The majority of every single minority demographic in the US saw this disaster coming and didn’t vote for him. He only had majority support with one demographic: White people. White people are the reason he’s in office, and they’re the only group where the majority still supports him now, even as he almost started a war with Iran a day ago. And before any of you jump in and try to be my ally, save your breath and use it to go talk to your low-information, close-minded, bigoted friends and family members. They don’t direct their hatred and racism toward you, so you think they’re ok but they just have some questionable views. Then they go out and support people and policies that work against minorities, even when those policies also work against them (Trump tax cuts are one easy example). This shit festers because you let these fuckers slide. White people, clean up your mess.