Trump’s Treatment of Female Reporters During Press Conference Shows Why He Supports Judge Kavanaugh

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As with most things during Trump’s presidency, what started as a victory lap over a bootleg NAFTA alternative turned into a show of sexist, misogynistic, male chauvinist pig shit ... or in laymen’s terms, “the presidency.”


After Trump boasted about his dumb ass trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, more properly called the “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing agreement,” he took questions.

What transpired next was a bizarre apologetic loveliest for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who’s been accused by three women of sexual misconduct. Trump droned about how horribly Kavanaugh has been treated and how tough this has been on Kavanaugh’s family and basically ... Kavanaugh’s struggling ... Kavanaugh’s hurting ... Kavanaugh’s the real victim here ... Kavanaugh ... Kavanaugh ... Kavanaugh.


What was more telling was President “Grab em’ by the Pussy”’s treatment of female reporters during the Q and A.

Trump ended up hitting for the cycle as he chastised one female reporter, basically called another female reporter dumb, told another female reporter to sit down as he heard enough from her and wagged his finger at another. Below is a sampling of what occurred:


It’s really a bizarre time were living in when the president of the United States, has been accused of sexual assault and was recorded bragging about how he commits sexual assault; nominates a judge who’s been accused of sexual assault; and then during a press conference insults and demeans female reporters. Or maybe not, because this kind of behavior is embedded in this administrations’ DNA.

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