Trump’s Pardon of Muhammad Ali Would Mean Nothing

President Donald Trump today revealed that he’s considering thousands of potential pardons, including one for Muhammad Ali’s overturned conviction for draft evasion. His statements were greeted by the sports world, black America and even Ali’s former lawyer with a collective yawn.


Never mind the fact that neither Ali nor his estate would benefit from said pardon (President Jimmy Carter issued a blanket pardon for draft evasions on Jan. 21, 1977); it’s now apparent that Trump pardons thus far have become the Lonzo Ball rookie cards of political actions: They’re cheap to come by.

I mean, surely there’s a small group that they excite. And some may even anticipate improvement over time. But for now, we’ll call this as we see it: another publicity stunt.

Check out the video above.

Alex Clark is a video journalist and filmmaker covering social inequality, the internet and American politics. He's a Senior Producer at GMG and instructs video at Columbia Journalism School.



I keep thinking ‘DJT - he’s such a weird guy’...but no, that’s not really the case. He has different values than I do, and he’s a very, very, very, simple person. He values power (first and most of all), fame, money, popularity, and... and... ehh... that seems to be about it.

No nuance, no subtle thinking, no thinking possibly at all, other than those goals.

With that in mind, his behavior is not so weird, it’s actually very _simple_. He does things I think ‘Fuck - that’s CRA-ZY.’ Nahh, look at it from the perspective of a really simple person.

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