Trump’s Lawyers Submit Impeachment Response, Misspell ‘United States’ in Opening Line

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Nothing says traitor like the inability to spell the country you illegally governed (because Russian interference) for the last four years.


But Donald Trump is nothing if not hopeless. And a fucking idiot. And a racist and a white supremacist and a misogynist.

On Tuesday, the former president, who can’t even tweet anymore and has switched his legal team more than the Kardashians switch ethnicities, submitted a legal brief addressing his arguments to the “Unites States Senate.”

And the typo came just five lines into the damn document.

From the Independent:

The legal memo, which argues the president can’t be impeached after leaving office, was exercising his free speech rights criticising the election, and didn’t cause the riot, also contains, for the true grammarians out there, a missing apostrophe.

The mistakes come after the former president announced two new lead lawyers on Sunday, including David Schoen, who’d discussed representing Jeffrey Epstein before his death by suicide in 2019. The shake-ups followed the departure of five lawyers from Mr Trump’s impeachment team in recent days.

They’re also reminiscent of the president and his allies’ chaotic legal effort to overturn the legitimate election results, where lawyers backing the president bungled basic composition somewhat regularly, once writing “DISTRCOICT” instead of “district,” and submitting another lawsuit with a promise it contained “plenty of perjury.”

Tons of perjury. All of the perjury you can fit into a bag. A plethora of perjury.

Has this man or anyone on his crackpot legal team ever submitted an adult document in their lives?


And this was the man that some 74 million idiots wanted to be president for a second term. Here is to hoping that the impeachment happens (it totally won’t happen) and that this man can never run for president again. He’s totally going to run for president again and win because racism remains undefeated in the ‘Unites States’ of America.


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