Trump’s Final Lie Count Is Insane and More Than 10,000 Came in the Final 5 Months

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Trump is a liar.

Trump is also a teller of his truth.

Just so happens that even Trump’s truth is a lie.

Trump is also a liar’s liar.

Well-practiced liars admire his ability to just lie, endlessly, until it just becomes a lie repeated.


So whether Trump is a liar who knowingly lies or a truth-teller of a lie that only he believes, he spouted all kinds of misleading and false information, which America knows as lying, although news stations and publications had trouble calling it such.

The Washington Post kept a tally of all of Trump’s lies made while in office and the number is quite staggering. Trump reportedly told “30,573 false or misleading claims as president.” Nearly half came in his final year, and over 10,000 in his final five months.

From the day he was sworn in, Trump oversold the amount of disarray he was forced to take on, trying to act as if the Obama administration left the cupboards bare and the White House in shambles. He lied about the “massive” crowd at his inauguration “and claimed, despite clear evidence to the contrary, that it had not rained during his address. He repeated the rain claim the next day, along with the fabricated notion that he held the ‘all-time record’ for appearing on the cover of Time magazine,” the Post notes.

He claimed that there might be a way to bring light inside the body to kill off the coronavirus. He made this statement along with claiming that drinking bleach would kill the virus and all kinds of crazy shit during a press conference and then lied about that. He lied about the election and how it was stolen from him. He lied about meetings, conversations, colors, numbers, monies, women, locker room talk; he lied so much that he made other people take up his lies, which in the end just made them liars, too.

From the Post:

Over time, Trump unleashed his falsehoods with increasing frequency and ferocity, often by the scores in a single campaign speech or tweetstorm. What began as a relative trickle of misrepresentations, including 10 on his first day and five on the second, built into a torrent through Trump’s final days as he frenetically spread wild theories that the coronavirus pandemic would disappear “like a miracle” and that the presidential election had been stolen — the claim that inspired Trump supporters to attack Congress on Jan. 6 and prompted his second impeachment.

The final tally of Trump’s presidency: 30,573 false or misleading claims — with nearly half coming in his final year.


The Post didn’t just keep a Google doc of the president’s lies, they kept a database that was used by just about every newspaper as the undisputed source for tracking Trump’s bullshit. They ended it last week and don’t even know if they will ever need to bring it back as presidents don’t usually lie on Trump’s level.

When they went back through the data, here is what they found:

Trump averaged about six claims a day in his first year as president, 16 claims day in his second year, 22 claims day in his third year — and 39 claims a day in his final year. Put another way, it took him 27 months to reach 10,000 claims and another 14 months to reach 20,000. He then exceeded the 30,000 mark less than five months later.


Basically, the only thing the president did consistently, without fail, was lie his ass off, which was the only thing America could count on.

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The simplest formula for figuring out Trump’s lies is, “if he’s talking, he’s lying.”

Whenever Trump came on tv, if I didn’t feel like changing the channel, I’d mute the set and make up my own dialogue...usually something along the lines of, “I caught a fish, it was this big, no bigger, no, bigger than big, and I caught it, who caught it, I did, I caught what, a bigger than big big fish, it was a fish, a big fish, the biggest fish, it was me, I caught it, just me, only me, me, me, who, me, fish, me, me, fish, caught, big, me, fish,” and it goes on the same way from there...with his tiny hands moving the whole time to show the size.