Trump’s Fight Against Common Sense Has Made Dr. Anthony Fauci Collateral Damage

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President Trump is the Scott Baio of Chuck Woolerys.

For some reason, the president does this thing where an expert in a field—literally, a person who has spent damn near his entire life becoming an expert in his respective field—tells the president what makes sense, and the president then spends his time discrediting the expert’s conclusion because it doesn’t align with his agenda.


So Dr. Anthony Fauci, who really deserves a medal for trying this hard to save America from the coronavirus, has now become the target of the White House discrediting machine as the administration continues to push to reopen the country despite COVID-19 surging in several states.

According to CNN, the president and Dr. Fauci haven’t spoken in weeks, and they appear to be using interviews and statements to discredit each other. It appears that the president is doing that thing again where he hates stats, bar graphs, charts, science, data and death tolls, and instead favors his gut, which is based on McDonald’s and KFC. It looks as if Dr. Fauci is going to be thrown under the bus for the White House’s ineffective ability to get the coronavirus under control.

On Monday, “the President retweeted a baseless claim by game show host Chuck Woolery that ‘everyone is lying’ about the coronavirus — including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” If you are a young person, you are probably wondering who the fuck Chuck Woolery is. Well, he’s a third-tier celebrity [Managing Editor Genetta Adams: Is that the lowest tier? Because this seems too high.] who used to host Tinder on TV, before computers and Tinder. He’s also a goddamn idiot. Who gives a fuck what Chuck Woolery thinks? When is the last time anyone inside or outside of the Woolery family has ever said, “Wait, let’s check with Chuck Woolery to see what he’d do!”

From CNN (seriously, read this shit):

In a statement Saturday, a White House official told CNN that “several White House officials are concerned about the number of times Dr. Fauci has been wrong on things.” The official went on to provide a lengthy list of examples, citing Fauci’s comments early in the pandemic and linking to past interviews.

These bullet points, which resembled opposition research on a political opponent, included Fauci downplaying the virus early on and a quote from March when Fauci said, “People should not be walking around with masks,” among other comments. Not included were previous statements from the surgeon general urging people not to buy masks or an acknowledgment of the President’s own false claims and misstatements about the virus.

So this is what we are doing now? We have stooped to the level of Chuck Woolery and bullet points to try and discredit the nation’s top infectious disease expert because the coronavirus didn’t just disappear like Trump said it would?

While Fauci didn’t have time for the president’s fuckshit, CNN did point out a few times when the two, the infectious disease expert and the infectious disease in the Oval Office, have disagreed.


In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Dr. Fauci disclosed that he has not briefed the President in weeks, (which is reportedly what prompted the White House to distribute the list of Fauci statements), an aide familiar with their beef told CNN. Fauci also disputed Trump’s claim that “99%” of coronavirus cases in the United States were “totally harmless”—saying that was “obviously not the case”—and pointed out that as he’s told the truth, the White House has cut his TV appearances.

Also, and this can’t be overstated, fuck Chuck Woolery.

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Manic Otti

White House officials are concerned about the number of times Dr. Fauci has been wrong on things.”

Never mind how many things Trump has been wrong, and continues to be wrong on.  Screw November, we need to hold an emergency election now.