Trump Retweets Some Bullshit and Twitter Suspends the Conspiracy-Laced Account That Posted It

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Donald Trump is the president of the United States but he hasn’t let that job get in the way of his actual work—being a Grade A, self-centered Twitter troll. And as such, he has a tendency to retweet some of the most outlandish bullshit because he’s easily influenced and already compromised.


On Tuesday, a most-likely Russian bot going by the name “Lynn Thomas” was suspended for posting conspiracy-laden content, the Daily Beast reports.

The Verge notes that the account was reportedly suspended for breaking Twitter’s rules against “using multiple accounts to artificially amplify or disrupt conversations.” This is the second time that the president has retweeted some bullshit from an account that was suspended for violating Twitter rules.

The tweet Trump retweeted said, in all caps, “DEMOCRATS ARE THE ONLY ONES INTERFERING IN OUR ELECTIONS. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY SO STRONGLY OPPOSE VOTER ID?” It included a bipartisan image that noted, “Democrats are the true enemies of America!”

The Daily Beast reports that the account was pushing QAnon and Deep State, pizzeria pedophilia conspiracy theories and memes that should come with free tinfoil hats.

The Verge notes that one post “suggested that Democrats murder children in order to steal their ‘pineal glands.’”

“Earlier this month, Trump retweeted content from an account pretending to be the verified Reagan Battalion account, which was later suspended by Twitter for violating its impersonation policy,” the Verge reports.


Despite Twitter enacting a policy that would hide the tweets from influential people who broke Twitter rules, the president has never had this applied to his account. If Twitter found the tweet to be inappropriate, the missive would only be visible for those who clicked on a “View” button.

The Verge notes that though Trump has tweeted inflammatory posts about “Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) and non-white freshman congresspeople, Twitter has yet to apply the policy to Trump.”


In fact, Trump hasn’t been punished at all, but Twitter has suspended the accounts that he’s retweeted, which makes the tweets disappear from the president’s page because everyone, including Twitter, is doing their best to decrease America’s global idiot footprint.


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Just once, I would love to see equal application of the rules when it comes to rich+power vs regular people. (or making money vs doing what’s right)

Will no one take a step forward?