Trump on John Lewis: He Didn’t Come to My Inauguration, So I Didn’t Go to His Funeral, and I’ve Done More for Blacks Than He Did

*cough* anus *cough*
*cough* anus *cough*
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I’m as petty as the next man. I once made a cashier at the grocery store walk away from her register because of my pettiness. It’s a long story but just know that I was right. So I totally understand pettiness, but there are levels to this shit and no one is as petty as the president. This bama’s petty is off the charts. It’s the kind of petty that even petty people like myself look at and go “I mean, I’m petty, but I’m not that petty.”


This nigga is PETTTY petty.

Trump literally fixed his anus-shaped mouth to refuse to give civil rights god John Lewis his flowers and basically stated that he didn’t want to celebrate the Georgia Democrat because he refused to attend his 2017 inauguration.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know John Lewis. He chose not to come to my inauguration,” Trump said during an interview with Axios that aired Monday and was a cornucopia of fuckshit.

Trump was asked how he thought history would remember Lewis and Trump’s answer was, yep, you guessed it, petty AF.

“I can’t say one way or the other,” Trump said when asked if he thought Lewis was impressive.

“I find a lot of people impressive. I find many people not impressive,” he continued. “He didn’t come—he didn’t come to my inauguration. He didn’t come to my state of the union speeches. And that’s OK. That’s his right.


“He should’ve come. I think he made a big mistake,” he said.

Goddamnit, the man is dead and Trump still can’t say anything positive about one of the greatest civil rights icons to ever stand on a bridge and get his ass beaten bloody by the police for Black America.


Even CNN upheld all of the journalistic standards and still called him a bitch.

Trump’s willingness to hold a grudge against what he perceives as personal slights — even against those who have passed away, such as Sen. John McCain — has been a hallmark of his public image for decades, though as president, it’s remarkable that he would not praise Lewis, who at the time of his passing last month was widely recognized as a hero of the Civil Rights Movement.

News of his death was met with widespread mourning and praise for his accomplishments, and he laid in state in the US Capitol. Trump declined to pay his respects to Lewis.


This is all because the racist-in-chief was upset because Lewis didn’t kiss the ring, and instead, called his presidency a sham and didn’t attend his inauguration because the late Georgia Democrat felt Trump was not a “legitimate president,” prompting Trump to call the congressman “all talk” and “no action.”

It isn’t like Lewis was attending all of the president’s inaugurations during his time in Congress, he didn’t attend George W. Bush’s 2001 inauguration either. But none of this could force the petty-ass president to speak a good word of Lewis’ name.


Trump couldn’t even say that Lewis’ story was impressive; the most he could muster was a half-hearted shoutout to Lewis and all those who’ve also fought for civil rights.

“He was a person that devoted a lot of energy and a lot of heart to civil rights, but there were many others also.”


Trump did say that he wouldn’t stop the renaming of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama—where Lewis and other marchers were brutally beaten during a voting rights march in 1965, an incident that came to be known as “Bloody Sunday”—after the late congressman.

“I would have no objection to it if they’d like to do it, would have no objection to it whatsoever,” the President said.


As if Trump couldn’t have gone any lower, he even had the audacity to fix his white supremacy-shaped mouth to claim that he’s done more for Black Americans “with the possible exception” of Abraham Lincoln, pointing to his unemployment numbers before the global pandemic.

From CNN:

But his record on race — among other things, he has repeatedly sought to undermine the legitimacy of the nation’s first Black President, Barack Obama, by pushing the racist conspiracy theory that he wasn’t born in the US, has largely declined to address the grief and rage expressed in the wake of George Floyd’s death, privately referred to some African nations as “shithole countries” and lambasted protests led overwhelmingly by black NFL players during the National Anthem — has often stoked tensions, and a January Washington Post-Ipsos poll found more than eight in 10 Black Americans believe Trump is racist.


“He’s a narcissist and he is delusional. The only person that believes that is him,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told CNN. “He’s done nothing for African-Americans in this country, and to speak that in the same sentence as speaking of John Lewis is almost blasphemous.”

Trump’s entire interview was a Thanksgiving spread of a shitty mess. Just look at this bumbling fool flipping through graphs to try to prove how his administration hasn’t completely shit the bed in mishandling the coronavirus crisis.


You can watch the whole interview here but I’m warning you that the chances of you vomiting listening to this bullshit are high.


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Can someone please, when Trumps says, how great he is for us, what specifically does he mean? Did I miss a bill or law passed? My paycheck and job has been the same last four years, so it can’t be that.