Trump Offers ‘Isis Fighters’ to French President Because He Just Can’t Stop Being a Global Embarrassment

President Donald Trump meets French President Emmanuel Macron at Winfield House, Dec. 3, 2019, in London.
President Donald Trump meets French President Emmanuel Macron at Winfield House, Dec. 3, 2019, in London.
Photo: Evan Vucci (AP Images)

American albatross and the president of people who believe in UFOs sat across from the president of France—a real president—who continuously embarrassed Trump in a tense meeting that the U.S. president made tense by being an asshole.


During the sideline NATO meeting Tuesday, Trump did the condescending asshole-y thing he does where he offered the French leader, Emmanuel Macron, “ISIS fighters” because Trump believes that America is housing all of the world’s ISIS fighters and no other country will help.

“Would you like some nice ISIS fighters? I can give them to you,” Trump said, being an asshole, the Hill reports. “You can take every one you want.”

Because the French president realized that the America shit stain was being an ass, he told his old ass to calm himself.

From the Hill:

“Let’s be serious,” Macron replied sternly, reasoning that most ISIS fighters came from Syria, Iraq and Iran and disputing Trump’s common refrain that the terrorist group had been defeated.

Trump has complained that European countries have been unwilling to accept ISIS fighters the U.S. had captured.

The French president insisted that the number of European ISIS fighters was a “tiny” part of the overall problem of addressing destabilization in the region. He was also adamant that the terrorist group had not entirely been defeated, a break with a common declaration from Trump.

“I think [the] number one priority, because it’s not finished, is it to get rid of ISIS,” Macron said.

And because Trump wasn’t finished, he added: “That was one of the greatest non-answers I ever heard,” Trump said. “And that’s OK.”

Jezus Christo! This guy just can’t stop making America look like a washed-up meth head wearing jorts to a business lunch.


Oh, and because Trump is facing impeachment and needs something to take the glare off the fact that he totally tied Ukrainian aid to potential dirt on possible 2020 Democratic rival Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, he’s now proposing a “100 percent tariffs on wine and other products from France in response to complaints about a French tax that has hit U.S. technology companies,” the Hill reports.

Because Trump is a Russian operative who doesn’t understand who our allies are, Trump added that he’s got a “very good relationship” with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who, Macron noted, is not on the best terms with the rest of the NATO alliance.


“I can only say we have a very good relationship with Turkey and President Erdogan,” Trump said when asked about Turkey’s standing in NATO. “We have a very good relationship.”

Macron added: “Yeah we ain’t really fucking with them right now because they purchased Russian S-400 missile systems amid NATO opposition,” (I’m paraphrasing a bit), the Hill reports.


Everyone should take a second to think about this: The U.S. is currently beefing with France. France. The last time France was in a fight was in 1998 when Penelope curbed the advances of perpetual aggressor Pepe Le Pew.

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Macron should have been like, “Je vais te botter le gros cul orange.” How do these world leaders keep from slamming their heads against the wall when ‘45 opens his mouth?

Also, if the cat didn’t manage to escape every time, we would be looking at a skunk fucking raping a cat Saturday mornings. What a rapey bastard.