Trump-Loving, NFL-Protest-Hating Police-Union Chief Who Supported Tamir Rice Killer Ousted by Black Cops

Steve Loomis (Fox New via YouTube screenshot))

The Cleveland police-union president who resembles the love child of Lex Luthor and Sarah Huckabee Sanders was voted out of office Tuesday in part because Cleveland’s black police officers were tired of his incessant bullshit.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Steve Loomis was replaced as head of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association by Jeff Follmer in a close vote that many say was decided by Cleveland’s African-American police officers. Loomis notoriously endorsed Donald Trump during his presidential campaign and recently stood alongside the apricot autocrat when the Trump administration announced its detailed plan to fight the national opioid crisis by holding a series of press conferences announcing its war on opioids.


Cleveland’s Black Shield, which sounds like a new superhero who fights alongside Luke Cage but is actually a separate police union that represents the city’s black law-enforcement officers, has long taken issue with Loomis over his controversial political stances. Stone Cold Steve Carbohydrate often appears as a guest on Fox News to spout his right-wing nonsense when Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke’s TV schedule presumably conflicts with his shucking lessons or his newfound career on the professional jiving tour.

“Their dismay may have come from some of the stuff that the CPPA weighed in on unnecessarily,” said Lynn Hampton, president of the Black Shield. “They felt we didn’t need that kind of attention and that the negative press could have been avoided.”

Loomis riled black cops when he condemned Cleveland Browns players for kneeling during the national anthem at a preseason game, pulling officers from a planned pregame flag ceremony that included other first responders. Loomis was also an unwavering defender of then-Police Officer Timothy Loehmann, who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice while the boy was playing with a toy gun in a Cleveland park. He criticized the city’s settlement with Tamir’s family and even tried to get Loehmann reinstated after he was fired.


Loomis, who is currently under investigation by internal affairs for wearing his uniform to a Trump rally in Akron, Ohio, plans to spend his time eating bread pudding dipped in chili covered with cheese.


He will be missed.

Read more at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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