Trump Is the Soulja Boy of Presidents; Drops 138 Spots on Forbes List

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President Donald Trump and Soulja Boy have a lot in common. Both are self-made. Both can truly spin a yarn. Both have made outlandish claims of wealth and extravagance. One “Superman’d a hoe” while the other had his un-spray-tanned buttocks smacked with a rolled-up Forbes magazine.

Both are full of shit. Speaking of Forbes ...

In the last two years, Forbes, which has been notoriously generous in how it calculates everyone’s wealth, has noted that the net worth of the president of the United States has dropped a reported $1.4 billion since he’s been in office.


Soulja Boy’s stock also dropped after a shooting which he detailed in graphic detail and yes, it includes the lines, “So I shot the nigga, bow, bow.

The catastrophic loss of wealth has dropped the president down to size on his favorite magazine to have his ass smacked with.


“Donald Trump is not getting richer off the presidency. Just the opposite. His net worth, by our calculation, has dropped from $4.5 billion in 2015 to $3.1 billion the last two years, knocking the president 138 spots lower on the Forbes 400,” Forbes reports.

Here’s how Forbes explains Trump’s decline to number 259 on the list:

Three factors are at play. Much of that decline is due to deeper reporting, which revealed, for example, that the president had been lying about the size of his penthouse. Some of it is due to larger market forces. Trump owns commercial space at a time when e-commerce is decimating brick-and-mortar retail, shaving more than $100 million off his fortune—and no amount of bully-pulpit Amazon-bashing will change that.

But the third factor comes from how Trump the president affects Trump the brand. Those familiar with him saw his 2016 run as a surreal marketing strategy, and Trump has said as much, telling Fortune way back in 2000, “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.” Since his unexpected ascent to the White House, Trump has tried to leverage the trappings of the presidency to benefit his commercial projects, from visits to his golf courses to hosting summits at Mar-a-Lago to launching a new hotel-licensing business aimed at his voters. (The Trump Organization denies the licensing business has to do with politics.)


Either way, to hear Trump tell it, he’s still balling out of control and to hear Soulja Boy tell it ...

Well, I’ll let Soulja Boy Tell Em:

When asked what Donald Trump must feel like to be ranked at number 259, Masta Ace replied: “I call that a hit.”

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