Trump Is ‘Last Hope’ for White People, Says Ex-NJ Police Chief on Trial for Bashing Black Teen’s Head Into Door

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A potential movie titled The Hate White Hope may be apropos for Poor POTUS after all.


When it comes to hate and evil wypipo, Donald Trump is these folks’ reigning champ.

So believes former Bordentown, N.J., police chief Frank Nucera Jr., who is being tried on federal hate-crime assault charges.

In a transcript disclosed at a trial in a Camden, N.J., federal court last week, Nucera used racial epithets, compared black people to “ISIS” and said President Trump “is the last hope for white people,” according to

Frank Nucera Jr.
Frank Nucera Jr.
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“I’m telling you, you know what, Donald Trump is the last hope for white people, ’cause Hillary [Clinton] will give it to all the minorities to get a vote,” he reportedly said.

“That’s the truth! I’m telling you,” he added.

Sgt. Nathan Roohr, a K-9 officer of the Mount Holly, N.J., Police Department, was the star prosecution witness, testifying that Nucera grabbed the head of a handcuffed black suspect, 18-year-old Timothy Stroye, “like a basketball” and slammed it into a metal doorjamb at a hotel.


“I immediately knew it was wrong. I knew I had an obligation to report it. This was an obvious excessive force,” he added about the attack on the Trenton teen accused of not paying his bill at the Ramada Hotel in Bordentown.

Nucera, who resigned in 2017, is also charged with civil rights violations and lying to the FBI in the Sept. 1, 2016, incident, which prosecutors say involved excessive force and was racially motivated.


Roohr secretly recorded Nucera making racist remarks back at the police station that were played for the jury, which is made up of seven women and five men.

Nucera was caught on tape saying: “I’ll tell you what, it’s gonna get to the point where I could shoot one of these [expletives].”


This explosive case is unusual because Roohr, a 16-year veteran, broke the “blue wall of silence,” according to experts cited by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Prosecutors had kept his identity secret in their criminal complaint in October 2017, but it was eventually revealed in court documents filed by the defense.


Nucera’s attorney Rocco Cipparone tried to float the idea that Roohr’s motives were concocted after a disgruntled group of employees wanted to get rid of Nucera because of “his overtime policies and disciplinary measures,” reported the Inquirer.

According to the feds, the Trump-loving, n-word hating Nucera is also accused of using police dogs to regularly “intimidate” African Americans—bringing the canines to high school basketball games and positioning them at the entrance while the department was providing security.


He was heard on a recording from April 30, 2016, audio directing another officer to walk a police dog through the projects to “let these f@#$ing moolies see him. Let ‘em see him. I don’t care,” according to the complaint.

That’s directly from the racist Jim Crow South playbook, when AmeriKKKa was great at hate. What’s next? Powerful water hoses?


Nucera—who is walking around free on bond—also held the position of administrator of the township of 11,000 while “serving” as its police chief.

This is why kneegrows have to start being more politically active in the communities in which they dwell. If not with votes, then definitely with dollars (wink).


If convicted, Nucera faces up to 20 years in prison and will forfeit his $8,800 a month pension.

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Tossing aside the obvious that Black people are 12% of the population and can’t possibly overthrow white people, I simply don’t understand the psyche of white people.

Their whole thought process seems to be that if Black people have any power, we will use it to suppress white people. Instead of thinking, white people have been shitty, but it’s a problem in our culture we need to resolve it. Their thinking is that all people are shitty, and they simply need to keep control so that they can be the group that shits on everyone else. It really is something else, and their fearful culture drives basically everything wrong in our society.