Trump Hates Jeff Sessions So Much That He Talked to His Chief of Staff About Replacing Him: Report

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Because President Trump is a spoiled man-child, he hates when things don’t go his way. Upon taking his seat inside the Oval Office after Russia stole the election and handed it to him, Trump believed that the head of the Department of Justice was going to be his personal fixer and attack dog who he could use to go after people who went against his administration.


Jeff Sessions, who is equally as deplorable as the president but still adheres to a modicum of moral decency, refused to be Trump’s continuous lackey (he will do some of the president’s bidding, just not all of it), Trump hates him. He’s hated since he recused himself from the Russia investigation into collusion during the 2016 election.

In fact, Trump hates Sessions so much that he reportedly talked with Sessions own chief of staff about replacing him, according to people familiar with the conversation, The Washington Post reports.

Trump has made no attempts to hide his disdain for Sessions. He’s openly mocked him during rallies (yes, this Bama is still holding pep rallies), and has been noncommittal about whether or not he will look to fire America’s top cop.

Here’s how the Post says it went down:

The conversation between Trump and Matthew G. Whitaker was somewhat nebulous, the people said. It was not clear, for example, whether Whitaker would take over on an interim basis or be nominated in a more permanent capacity, or how definitive the president’s intentions were.

On a long list of indignities that Sessions has endured from his boss, Trump’s discussing replacing him with his own top aide stands out. Trump has wanted to fire Sessions ever since he recused himself from what is now the special counsel’s investigation into whether Russia coordinated with the Trump campaign to influence the 2016 election. He has berated his attorney general publicly and privately, and recently told Hill.TV, “I don’t have an attorney general.”

Sessions, meanwhile, has dutifully sought to implement Trump’s agenda, even as it has become clear his relationship with the president is damaged beyond repair.

Before the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing stole America’s attention, news broke that “Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein had more than a year ago suggested wearing a wire to monitor the president and using a constitutional amendment to oust him.”

The president was looking to fire Rosenstein’s ass but Kavanaugh’s whiny, tough-guy-crying, privileged white boy show stole the moment. Since then, according to the Post, top officials at the DOJ are working as if each day could be their last.


White House officials told the Post that they expect both Rosenstein and Sessions to stay in their jobs, but this is also coming from the White House, which means it could be total bullshit.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


What a cowardly little passive-aggressive high school girl the president of the United States is. Shit-talks Sessions on Twitter, shit-talks him at rallies, shit-talks him on the US’ version of Russia Today, Mean-Girls his aides, and bitches and whines and cries and moans to everyone within earshot, while the entire time literally all he has to do is say, “Pack your shit and hit the bricks, Jeff.”

The president of the United States is a weak, craven, pathetic, needy creature. Like Gollum, but with crappier hair.