Trump Goes to the NMAAHC and Poses in Front of Ben Carson’s Exhibit

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I wish he would cut it out. The president has been in office for a month and has already taken three vacations, and now, on Tuesday he headed to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. For what? Who knows. He’s basically acting like a tourist at this point.

Press reports note that the president took a moment next to the Ben Carson exhibit (you know, that of the old Ben Carson, the one who was the pride of Baltimore, who was once the most gifted neurosurgeon in the history of this country. The old Ben Carson, before he became this Ben Carson). The president posed for a minute and patted ol’ Ben on the shoulder and said, “We’re proud of Ben, proud of Ben, especially Candy”—a reference to Carson’s wife.


According to Yahoo! News, the president was originally supposed to visit the museum during Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which would have made sense, but the trip was removed from his calendar because of scheduling issues. Knowing this dude, he probably had a golfing trip planned and didn’t want the nonballerness of black history to fuck up his swing.

Last week, while Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were kicking it, first lady Melania Trump hosted Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, on a visit to the museum.


Later, Melania Trump posted a photo to Twitter noting what an honor it was to go to the museum. Notice the guy in the back, who is all of us who didn’t vote for Trump when we hear that the Trumps are going to the NMAAHC.


Read more at Yahoo! News.

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