Trump Employee to Co-Worker: ‘All You Motherf--king Immigrants Are Coming to This Country F--king Us Up’: Report

Donald Trump 

A Trump employee has accused co-workers of targeting him with derogatory statements. He filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission racial-discrimination claim back in 2013 in an attempt to address the situation, the Daily Caller reports. He also filed a lawsuit in federal court earlier this year.

Bryan Lambert, who is originally from Jamaica, claimed that he was constantly targeted by a white co-worker at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York City who said things like, “All you motherf—king immigrants are coming to this country, f—king us up and taking our jobs.”


He said that fellow security guard Thomas Ahearn called him and other employees his “dark-skinned friends.”

According to the report, when Lambert complained to supervisors about the harassment he was subjected to, Human Resources Vice President Deirdre Rosen allegedly told him to just “stick it out and work together. It’s not about you. It’s about the job.”

Shortly after Lambert filed his complaint, Rosen reportedly drummed up a reprimand for lateness but then said that she would clear it if he dropped the charge. When Lambert refused, he was allegedly denied requests for vacation and overtime shifts.

Another employee, identified only as “Fernando the bellman,” allegedly called Lambert gay in a demeaning manner multiple times.


Lambert also claimed disability discrimination because hotel management demanded that he shave his beard even though he suffers from a condition common to black man that makes shaving rather painful. Lambert reportedly provided a doctor’s note, to no avail.

“You are not special,” Assistant Manager Francis Calderon allegedly told him. “Why can’t you look more like Christine?” Christine is reportedly an Asian-American woman who was working the front desk at the time.


According to the report, mediation has not worked so far, and the case could go to trial next year.

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