Trump Effect: Spokesman for GOP Senate Hopeful Called Memphis, New Orleans and Baltimore 'Shitholes'

Republican Corey Stewart, left, talks to reporters after the Virginia Bar Association debate with US Sen. Tim Kaine at the Homestead in Hot Springs, Va., Saturday, July 21, 2018.
Photo: Steve Helber (AP Images)

Remember when Donald Trump referred to black countries as “shitholes” and then tried to lie and say he didn’t say it and then Omarosa got kicked out of the White House and confirmed that he said it?

Well, it looks like the deplorable GOP leaf doesn’t fall far from the decrepit GOP tree as a spokesman for Corey Stewart the Trump backed Republican nominee from Virginia running for Senate, referred to several majority black U.S. cities as “shitholes.”


According to the the Daily Beast, Rick Shaftan referred to Memphis, New Orleans and Baltimore as shitholes in a series of now-deleted tweets. HuffPost notes that Shaftan also threatened to boycott New Orleans if they removed Confederate monuments, because, most members of the GOP love celebrating losers.


“You can run your gang-infested shithole without our tourist dollars and soon, our tax dollars,” Shaftan’s tweet read, HuffPost reports. It’s since been deleted because racists like to hide their online racism when called out on it.

This isn’t the first time Shaftan (which comes from the African surname “Shaft” and the European surname “Kaftan”) has tweeted some inherently racist shit.


In 2014, after the killings of Mike Brown and the uprising of African-Americans in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore, Shaftan tweeted “After #Ferguson, only a fool would start, finance or insure a business in a black neighborhood.” And then a year later he added: “The message out of Ferguson and Baltimore is a simple one: DON’T OPEN A BUSINESS IN A BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD!,” HuffPost reports.

Another spokesman for Stewart, Noel Fritsch, (how many spokesmen does Stewart have?) didn’t address Shaftan’s comments but noted:

“Far Left liberals and weak Republicans play the race card to shut down all debate, and meanwhile we can’t even have a conversation about how to improve the economy for blacks who—as a direct result of decades of failed federal government programs—haven’t seen economic growth in the last 50 years,” he told HuffPost in a statement.


Who knows what the fuck that statement is supposed to mean since it had nothing to do with the story, which is kind of a GOP best practice.

Raise your hand if you think Shaftan was apologetic upon learning that he’s deplorable comments had been uncovered. Yep, you guessed it, he doubled down.


In a Facebook post, Shaftan only had this to say when learning of the Daily Beast story: “I must have said something worse than that in all these years!” he wrote. “They need to look harder.”

HuffPost notes that Stewart is the Senate Republican challenger to incumbent and Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential nominee, Democrat Tim Kaine.

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