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On Wednesday, President Horseshoe Von Dingleberry signed an executive order to aid those suffering from kidney disease in hopes of reducing the life-threatening disease by 25 percent over the next 11 years.


The administration also promised to move patients on dialysis away from commercial treatments in centers to more low-cost, in-home treatments and will offer reimbursements for those who’ve lost wages during their battle with kidney disease, the Washington Post reports.

While this sounds lovely and it is, it would’ve been nice if someone made sure the president knew just the basics of the kidney, how it functions and where it’s located so that the president didn’t make a full ass of himself when speaking about his administration’s lone good deed.


Because the president doesn’t know his kidney from a hole in the wall, during a ceremony at the Ronald Reagan and International Trade Center to announce the initiative, President Shoefly Von FuckUrSelf opened his mouth and cured all doubt that he might be the dumbest man in the highest ranking position in American history.

Yep, that absolutely happened. And the president might be right, at least in his case; his kidneys might be in his heart when you consider that his head has been firmly up his own ass since birth.

Luckily, Twitter users spotted the gaffe and were there to make fun of what America has become:


Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.

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It’s fun to mock him but seriously it’s obvious that the man is in the throes of dementia and nobody is doing anything about it. I’m still wondering what the emergency was a couple of weeks ago that made Pence have to cancel an event in New Hampshire and go back to the White House.