Trump Continues to Weaponize Twitter and Sharon Shows Karens How to Be an Ally

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For President Trump, Twitter serves several purposes. First, it is his bully pulpit (more bully than pulpit) in which he vaguely threatens and intimidates rivals. Second, it’s his unfiltered voice to his people, which basically serves as a virtual “yee-haw” to round up the good ole boys. Lastly, it’s his masturbatory aid to continuously pat himself on the back for the great job he’s doing.


While all of the president’s many reasons for tweeting don’t elevate his usage any higher than how a petty porn actress or rapper may use social media, Trump is...the goddamn president!

On Sunday, the president of people who buy jerky in bulk shared a video showing a Trump supporter saying “white power” in response to protesters. The video shows reported members of The Villages, a retirement community in Florida, beefing like only seniors can—with some in golf carts wearing Trump gear and signs supporting Trump driving by protesters who ain’t fucking with them or their president.

From NPR:

In one exchange — eight seconds into the two-minute video — a white man holding a sign that says “Make America Sane Again,” a reference to Trump’s campaign slogan, yells: “Where’s your white hood?” In response, a white man driving a golf cart with signs reading “Trump 2020" and “America First” yells back “white power.”

Trump retweeted the video, which was shared by an unknown Twitter user, and said, “Thank you to the great people of The Villages. The Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats will Fall in the Fall. Corrupt Joe [Biden] is shot. See you soon!!!”

What is confusing to me is why Trump deleted the tweet. Clearly, he knows that he’s the white power president. He’s not only stoked the flames of racism but lit the fuse. He uses his Twitter feed to rile up his base—and who are we kidding?—people who yell “white power” is his damn base. I’m not annoyed that he retweeted the video, I’m more disturbed that he took it down, as I like my racism straight up. Maybe he wanted to make room for the white folks who took up guns to threaten St. Louis Black Lives Matter protesters who weren’t even thinking about their asses as they were heading to Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home “to demand her resignation after she read aloud names and addresses of protesters who wanted to cut police funding,” Bloomberg reports.


This shit looks straight out of The Purge, and the president retweeted this video, which is just another inflammatory dog whistle to his supporters that taking up arms against peaceful protesters is OK.


And. This. Is. The. President.

If there is anything to take away from the senior citizen slow-cooked beef, it’s Sharon.


Sharon was seen in the video wearing a “Black Lives Matter” shirt and “yelling at the president’s supporters and offering a steady stream of expletives at a parade of golf carts with pro-Trump signs and banners,” HuffPost reports.

“This is a brain-washed cult here and our country is going down the drain,” she told the Villages News. “We have a pervert, a lying piece of garbage for president, and we need to get rid of him.”


God bless and protect Sharon, or as one Twitter user noted: “Be a Sharon, not a Karen.”



I’ve never shot a handgun, but I think proper form would be to use even a single muscle in your hand or forearm to keep it from flopping loosely around while you brush your hair out of your face.