Trump Comes After Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and AOC Claps Back

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On Thursday, President Trump continued the verbal assault on prominent female politicians and an MSNBC host, and unless the 53 percent of white women who voted this fuckstick* into office don’t take notice and give a shit, he’s going to keep doing it and maintain the highest office in the land.


During an interview with one of the president’s favorite OnlyFans news sites—the one that he watches with his pants down—Fox Business Network, Trump came for Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski.

Flaccid Boy* went out of his way to attack each of these women personally, especially Harris, who was most recently named presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate.

“Now you have a sort of a mad woman I call her because she was so angry and [had] such hatred with Justice [Brett] Kavanaugh,” Trump told host Maria Bartiromo, the Hill reports. For days, Limpdick* has attacked the California senator for her questioning of Supreme Court nominee Brett “I like beer. I still like beer” Kavanaugh in 2018. “She was the angriest of the group, and they were all angry.”

Prior to the interview, the Hill notes that Trump tweeted about Harris getting a “free pass” from the media.

“There was nobody meaner or more condescending to Slow Joe, not even me, and yet she quickly evaporated down to almost zero in the polls. Bad!” Trump tweeted.

Ignoweenie* “also swiped at two of the most prominent Democratic lawmakers in the country during his interview with Fox Business. He targeted Ocasio-Cortez after a lengthy riff about his opposition to the Green New Deal that she has championed.”


“AOC was a poor student. I won’t say where she went to school, it doesn’t matter,” Trump said. “This is not even a smart person, other than she’s got a good line of stuff. I mean, she goes out and she yaps. These guys, they’re all afraid of her.”

The Hill notes first, that Ocasio-Cortez graduated cum laude from Boston University in 2011; second, and most importantly, she is not here for Trump’s fuckshit.


“Let’s make a deal, Mr. President: You release your college transcript, I’ll release mine, and we’ll see who was the better student. Loser has to fund the Post Office,” AOC tweeted, knowing that the president is a fucking idiot and he won’t ever take the bet because he doesn’t want to fund the post office and lose the upcoming election.


Punk-ass Fuckstick* wasn’t done. He also called Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “stone-cold crazy” and dragged Brzezinski into his Twitter meltdown.

“Very poor morning TV ratings for MSDNC’s Morning Joe, headed by a complete Psycho named Joe Scarborough and his ditzy airhead wife, Mika, and also @CNN, headed by complete unknowns. Congratulations to @foxandfriends on dominating the mornings (thank you President Trump!),” he tweeted.


“What’s your thing with women?” Brzezinski asked during her show on MSNBC. “You really have a lot of problems with women, like you’re scared of them or something. I think this Kamala thing has you completely strung out.”


And, she’s right. This is not a complex person we are talking about here—this is a hit dog hollering. We all know what’s up.

*So a reader reached out to me asking me to stop calling the president the b-word. What she said was it wasn’t cool and in fact, it was cringey.


I agreed and asked her to help me come up with some alternatives. Above are all the names she sent. I think it goes without saying, The Root is nothing without its readers.


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I wish that Kamala would have had a chance to debate Trump. Watching her absolutely annihilate him on the debate stage would have been the best night of the year. Tweeting at him is one thing, but it would be so good to watch him get destroyed on national television and have to sit there and take it.