The president also took the opportunity to come for Black Jesus’ favorite journalist and CNN contributor April Ryan, who consistently holds the White House’s feet to the flames on black issues, calling her a “loser” and “nasty.”


Trump was waxing on about how much he hates CNN’s Jim Acosta, who he had a run in with on Wednesday after Acosta had the audacity to ask the president why he continues to act as if the migrant caravan is knocking on America’s door when they are reportedly months away.

What ensued has now become a debate over the fragility of white women and a colossal tale of epic proportions in which Acosta has been made out to be the ninja who karate chopped the fuck out of an intern trying to take the mic from him.


It’s a lie that the White House is standing firmly on. Somehow during his rant about Acosta, Trump made a left turn and attacked another journalist and woman of color, which would be the third black woman he’s attacked this week as he called PBS News Hour’s Yamiche Alcindor’s question “racist” on Wednesday.

“I think Jim Acosta is a very unprofessional man,” Trump said.

Trump then added that Ryan is a “loser” who “doesn’t know what the hell she is doing” and called her “nasty.”


I mean this with all the respect I can muster for the office of the presidency: Fuck this guy.