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President Donald Trump has a habit of saying one thing and doing another—like that historically embarrassing moment on the Late Show With David Letterman in which Trump blasted China for threatening America’s economic greatness, only for Letterman to show that Trump’s ties were made in China:

Well, after days of Trump coming for, claiming that the e-commerce giant is ruining the U.S. Postal Service by taking advantage of lower-than-retail shipping charges and skirting local and state taxes—claims he made for years before taking office—CBS News has found that his presidential campaign was quite fond of the online retail site:

Trump’s presidential campaign relied on Amazon for office supplies regularly, spending $158,498.41 in 379 transactions labeled as office supply purchases in 2015 and 2016, according to Federal Election Commission records reviewed by CBS News. In the average transaction, Mr. Trump’s campaign spent $418.20, and the most the campaign spent in a single transaction was $3,890. The Donald J. Trump for President committee continued to use Amazon well after the election, spending more than $2,000 in 2017, FEC records show.


Sounds as if the president’s huffing and puffing about Amazon—which we all know has everything to with his jealousy around real American-made billionaire Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Washington Post—didn’t stop his campaign folks from being all over Amazon’s site. Trump’s staff loved them some Amazon. If were on Tinder, Trump’s employees would swipe right. Trump’s employees stayed in Amazon’s DMs.

According to CBS News, the White House still claims that Trump’s criticisms of Amazon are strictly policy related, but the Maury Trump envelope confirms that is a lie: When it comes to hating on Washington Post owner and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Trump, you are the father!


On Saturday, without any evidence, Trump claimed that is using the Washington Post as a “lobbyist.” The president of petty added that the newspaper should “REGISTER” as such—yes, he all-capped it. The fact that Trump won’t stop attacking the Washington Post and criticizing further proves that the president’s beef isn’t with the retail giant but with its owner.

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