Trump Bashes Brett Kavanaugh’s Second Accuser, Claims Democrats are Running a ‘Con Game’

Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh leaves his home Sept. 19, 2018 in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh leaves his home Sept. 19, 2018 in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
Photo: Win McNamee (Getty Images)

According to President Trump, the women who have accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct are bit players in a political drama drummed up by Democrats merely trying to discredit “a high-quality person.”


For the second time, the president has come out to not only defend his Supreme Court pick but to unload on the second woman, Deborah Ramirez, to accuse Kavanaugh of inappropriate sexual behavior.

“The second accuser has nothing,” Trump said during a 16-minute back-and-forth with reporters as he sat beside the president of Colombia ahead of their meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“She was totally inebriated and all messed up, and she doesn’t know,” he said.

“The second accuser doesn’t even know, she thinks maybe it could have been him, maybe not,” Trump said, his voice rising. “Admits she was drunk? She admits time lapses? This is a person, and this is a series of statements that is going to take one of the most talented intellects from a judicial standpoint in our country—keep him off the U.S. Supreme Court?”

Trump also added that Kavanaugh is “a high-quality person” and “so truthful.” Trump also declared who he believed is quarterbacking this entire attempt to bring down a good man: Democrats.

Not a Democrat per say, just the lot of them. If Trump is Gargamel, the Democrats are the Smurfs working as a collective toward a common goal: the president’s demise.


Trump called the latest allegations part of a larger “con game” run by the Dems.

“They are playing a con game, and they are playing it very well, much better than Republicans,” Trump continued. He added, “They wink at each other—they know it’s a con game,” the LA Times reports.


Trump also took another opportunity to paint Kavanaugh as the victim.

“His wife is devastated,” Trump said. “His children are devastated.”

It should be noted it is probably impossible for Trump to be remotely objective or concerned about the women who’ve made these claims, considering at least 22 women have accused the president of sexual misconduct.

Then again, that didn’t stop 53 percent of white women from voting for him.

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I realize that chutzpah and not blood is what runs through 45's veins, but him calling anyone a con artist is richer than Croesus.