Troopergate: Palin Emails to Be Released to Media

Sarah Palin's emails as governor of Alaska to be released. (Getty)
Sarah Palin's emails as governor of Alaska to be released. (Getty)

It looks like those pesky emails that former GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has fought years to suppress are coming to light. MSNBC is reporting that at roughly 9 a.m. in Juneau (1 p.m. ET), the governor's office in Juneau will release to reporters 250 pounds of printed emails sent between the former governor (and her husband) and 50 state officials.


Bill Dedman reports, "The records were requested by, other news organizations and citizens in 2008, when the relatively unknown Palin was named as Sen. John McCain's vice-presidential running mate. Their release has been delayed so long that now the 2012 presidential campaign has started, with Palin the possible wild card in the Republican field."

Although Palin insists that she is open and transparent in all of her political actions, she fought hard to keep the emails that were from her public account as governor of Alaska. Palin moved the emails to her private Yahoo account after being nominated for vice president on the John McCain GOP presidential ticket, reportedly to keep the information out of the hands of the press under the state's public-records law.


Let's get this straight: Sarah Palin, who professes to champion America and its values, skipped over freedom of the press by hiding emails from the public that elected her? We wonder why (tongue planted firmly in cheek)? We're not sure why what's in the emails will matter, since Palin has clearly demonstrated that she has a propensity for making things up. We won't mention her followers, who will do anything, including changing historical facts in online encyclopedia entries, to back her up. To this we say, let the political games begin.

Read more at MSNBC. Read live updates of what is found in the emails at Open Channel.

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