Trevor Noah Has Some Thoughts About Obama’s $400,000-Speech Haters

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“Obama’s back, and so are the haters,” said Trevor Noah on Thursday’s Daily Show. Well, it seems as though these haters don’t want our former president to get a piece of the speech-money pie. But no one had a problem when previous presidents did. God forbid a black man is paid his worth.


Noah had a few words for Obama’s haters, who perpetually show why they’re really hating without outright saying it.

“Obama’s getting $400,000 to be a keynote speaker,” he said. “He’s probably going to give a very important policy speech entitled ‘The Four Boats I’m Going to Buy.’ Now, look, I know that people may say that it weakens public trust when politicians cash in immediately after leaving office, but at least Obama waited until he left office, unlike [President Trump], who’s using the White House like an ATM machine. And yeah, don’t get me wrong—I agree that the system must change, but it doesn’t change with Obama. People are like, ‘Why doesn’t he not accept the money?’ No, f—k that!”

“So the first black president must also be the first one to not take money afterwards?” Noah asked. “No, no, no, no, no, my friend. He can’t be the first of everything. F—k that, and f—k you.”

Go ahead, he added, “make that money, Obama.”

Then Noah touched on who should be getting the blame when it comes to the speech payouts.

“Instead of focusing on how Obama can make so much money from Wall Street for a speech, maybe we should be asking why Wall Street has so much money to give people for a speech: the loose regulations, the intensive lobbying and favorable—you know, the truth is, we can’t get into all of this, there’s too much, there’s too much else that’s going on that we have to talk about today.”

The last time someone complained to me about Obama, I was at a tire shop in my town, aka “We all voted for Trump.” A man went on about some mumbo jumbo on how Obama ruined the country. But when I asked him to point out specifics ...


“Well, you know. Everything?” he replied.

“Well, you know, if you hate the man because he’s black, might as well spit it out. What do you have to lose?” I replied.


Then, for some reason, he stopped talking to me.

And that’s what I wish these people would finally do. Just yell out, “I HATE OBAMA BECAUSE HE’S BLACK.” And I wish someone would pay them $400,000 for anything. But alas, most of these complainers have the vocabulary of a fifth-grader, like our current president. It’s bad. It’s really, really, bad.


What’s good? Obama just made another $400,000 from an A&E speech Thursday night. Hey, got moneyyyyyy.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).


The Final Days of Gawker Have Come

Watching my ride-or-die Sanders friends melt down on social media about this has been high-larious.

Considering Bernie’s #1 stated qualification (in his personal opinion) was that he didn’t get paid to give speeches to Wall Street, I really don’t expect the well off white folks to forgive Obama for this.

Of course, I try not to trouble myself with the mewling of first-time or zero-time voters