Treme: On The Verge of a Faster Pace?


So I'm still slow-moving on the Treme bandwagon. (Hence, the lateness of this post.) But I haven't given up quite yet. Last night's episode had some interesting moments. Of course, the music was great. Even Wendell Pierce's "singing" of "St. James' Infirmary." And then, there was a split second of New Orleans bounce music, courtesy of 5th Ward Weebie. "F*** Katrina … f*** Katrina!"

Here's a live performance of the song from two years ago. Put in your headphones if you're at work!


I remember growing up listening to New Orleans rap all the time—when Lil Wayne was a budding rap star, when Master P was building a major rap empire, and when Juvenile had everybody backin' that a** up. In case you're interested, take a walk down memory lane:

Juvenile "Back That A** Up"

Master P "Make Em Say Uhh"

Lil Wayne "Tha Block Is Hot"

But undoubtedly, the standout part of the episode was Creighton Bernette's (John Goodman) YouTube rant. The character is based loosely on New Orleans blogger Ashley Morris, who died in 2008. Here's Morris talking about why he started his blog and how after the hurricane, he used it to vent and air his frustrations over the rebuilding efforts of New Orleans. And if you thought Bernette's rant was spot-on, then check it out in written form on Morris' blog. It reads even better.

I'm hoping that last night's episode was the start of a new, faster pace on the show. Like Joel, I'm just now warming up to a few of the characters. And with all the cameos from characters of The Wire last night (Prezbo, Slim Charles, Walon, and even a "Hamsterdam" reference) maybe I'll finally get with the program next week.


After every episode, I take to the New Orleans Times-Picayune to get my debriefing. (If you're lost with the New Orleans slang—"lagniappe" threw me—then the Times-Picayune is a must-read.)