“We spoke with a lot of different networks, and we really wanted to find the right home for this. I think the biggest thing that made Discovery+ a great place for this series was that there wasn’t a lot of convincing,” Thomas said. “I hope that what viewers see is that Black men are human. And I hope that it starts conversations that we’ve never had before.”


He continued, “I think the powerful thing about this series is that it’s educational, but it’s also inspiring and uplifting. You learn a lot of things. You also have the tools that you need to go out into the world and help make positive change. And so what I hope is that when people see this that they challenge their own beliefs of what they’ve been told or what they see. And then they go out and help other people try to [understand] that Black men are human and that we deserve to exist freely. We also deserve—and reserve—the right to be able to tell our own stories.”

Profiled: The Black Man is available now on Discovery+.