Tracee Ellis Ross: Single black women are OK: "I don't think anybody's doomed if they're single. The only thing that dooms you is if you're not willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone to try different things," she told Vibe Vixen when asked to weigh in on the marriage conversation. How may more people will have to say it before we can close the book on this issue?

Michigan woman posts n-word on her home: A woman who said her home in Flint, Mich., was robbed, posted a sign using a racial slur outside the house in an attempt to send a strong message, reports. The woman, who declined to give her name, wrote something her neighbors would never forget: "This house is a reflection of ignorant n—-as." Oh, and by the way, she was black.


Can speeches save Obama's presidency? Slate's John Dickerson isn't impressed with the president's re-election strategy.

Spain police accused of rampant racial profiling: Amnesty International on Wednesday accused Spanish authorities of using racial and ethnic profiling, with police singling out people who are not white in order to meet quotas, the Associated Press reports.


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