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Colorlines reports that Matthew Heimbach, a student at Baltimore's Towson University, has proposed starting a white student union, arguing โ€” no surprise here โ€” that black, Latino and Jewish students get their own organizations.

Victor Collins, Towson's assistant vice president of student Affairs for diversity and the director of Towson's Center for Student Diversity, says, "I personally believe this is a kind of false comparison," but Heimback would likely just see that statement as evidence of what he has said is "a culture of crime where primarily it's nonwhites doing it to white students and we perpetually have to live in a system of victimhood." His first order of business to remedy that: an invitation to a white supremacist speaker. ย 

There's a controversy surrounding the group's creation, but we almost want to say, "Go for it, put it on your rรฉsumรฉ and see what employers think of your 'white pride' attitude and inability (or refusal) to distinguish between the experience of different groups in this country when you leave campus."

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think the school should allow this organization to be established โ€” if for no other reason than that members can have a platform to show their true colors?

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